Patti Spink


With her studies of the Spanish language, Patti jumped at every opportunity to help native English speakers hone their Spanish language skills and equally enjoyed coaching Spanish speakers to elevate their English language skills. This sharing of both language and cultural nuances ignited Patti’s desire to help others achieve their professional goals, ultimately leading to the start of her Recruitment and Talent Acquisition career.

Patti began her career with boutique executive search firms, The Beam Group and Herbert Mines Associates. Her corporate experience includes talent acquisition roles with national retailers LimitedBrands and Chico’s FAS and leadership positions at Digitas, DraftFCB Healthcare, Havas Worldwide Health and Gartner. She takes a great deal of satisfaction in matching top talent to great opportunities and truly enjoys hearing the success stores of both the candidates she places and the hiring teams they join. With over 15 years of experience, Patti is well qualified to evaluate and fill your recruitment or employment needs. 

When Patti isn’t making matches, she enjoys fly fishing, running, travel and spending time with her rescue dog, Monty. She is training for her first marathon and has completed half marathons finishing in the top 10 for her age group.




Jeremy Spink


So how does one get from commercial photographer to creative recruiter? I believe the seed was planted many years ago with a client/friend of mine who was talking about the industry and her job while we were working on a photo shoot. She was unhappy with her current position and unhappy with the industry itself. As we talked and talked and talked because photo shoots sometimes last for weeks, I listened to her and tried to give my best advice. I never really thought much of it until about a month later when she sent me an email thanking me for the insight and advice. At the bottom of the email she said “you're really good at this you and should be a life coach or something”. That story has stuck with me for many years and I just remember how good it made me feel to have helped advise someone looking to make a life change. So when the opportunity arose to start advising creatives on their career paths, I jumped at the opportunity to become involved.

For me looking at books and portfolios is a great joy and challenge. I believe that is one of the greatest assets I bring to recruitment. 15 years of working on building my own portfolios and talking to art directors, creative directors and fashion designers has honed my skills for evaluating not only a creative's work, but also the needs of the client. A good recruiter has to not only evaluate the candidate’s needs but also and sometimes more importantly, the needs of the client. I believe this comes from a deep understanding of how the creative process works. Whether the client is a startup or large ad agency, an understanding of this process is the key to finding great talent that will succeed and flourish in their needed roles.

When I'm not helping creatives find new homes, I volunteer at a no kill Humane Shelter helping dogs and cats find their forever homes. To this end, I am constantly working with the shelter and rescue groups providing photography and other marketing materials to ensure all animals find the loving home they deserve. I am also an avid fly fisherman and love traveling to wonderful water-filled destinations such as Montana and Islamorada.